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Is CBD Right for You?


With the rapid expansion of the legalization of Cannabis in America, now is the perfect time

to start learning about CBD and its effects on the body. What does it do? What are the benefits?

How is it incorporated into Nutrition? I hope to be able to shed some light on the answers to

these questions for you!

What actually is CBD?

CBD stands for Cannabidiol. It is the non-psychotropic part

of the hemp plant, which simply means that it will not get you “high” if you consume it 1. The

World Health Organization identifies CBD “as generally well tolerated and to have a good safety

profile”, with no reports of abuse or dependence and no public health problems associated with

it 2.

How is CBD being used?

In an online survey of 387 people published in the Journal of Cannabis Research, most people reported using the drug in low doses to manage self-perceived anxiety, stress, and sleep deprivation 3. While it is easy to survey the general population and see how they use the drug, most scientific research in the therapeutic uses of CBD is in their infancy stages. The most advanced research is on the effectiveness of CBD in children with epilepsy, and

one CBD product has even proved effective so far! 4.

Are there any benefits to my nutrition?

Since we are still learning about the effects of CBD and cannot really say whether there is an effect on nutrition status, I would like to take this moment to highlight another part of the hemp plant- the seeds! Hemp seeds have a high amount of unsaturated fatty acids and protein 5. This is a great combination for improving cholesterol levels and reducing inflammation. So, try throwing a handful in your next smoothie or sprinkle on top of your yogurt for breakfast!

Bottom Line:

Since more research must be done on CBD and its benefits to ultimately determine

whether it is recommended, trying it in small doses is completely up to you. But remember, we

do know there are other parts of the hemp plant that is beneficial as part of your diet. And

remember, if you are unsure about adding anything into your diet, always consult a Registered


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