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Prevention is better than cure!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Learn how to prevent diabetes or delay type 2 diabetes by eating healthy and making smart meal choices. Use the tips below to make healthy lifestyle changes.

Make 1/2 your plate vegetables, ¼ starch and ¼ protein

-Rethink your drink! Drink water instead of juice or sugar sweetened beverages

-Practice mindful eating.

-Eat at the dining table instead of while driving or watching TV

-Monitor your starch intake by using your fist as a guide to the amount of starch you eat

-Eat a palm size protein

-Do not skip meals.

-Have your breakfast, lunch and dinner each day

Use a breakfast plate. This makes less food more on a smaller plate

-Drink a glass of water before eating so you can feel less hungry

-If you usually eat a large amount of food at each meal. Reduce this by ½

-Share your dessert!

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